Speed Steel

Our monthly Speed Steel match is a Steel Challenge-style match, with a few rule changes and totally different stages to make it more fun. It is held on the 1st Sunday of the month.

The match consists of 6 stages of easy-to-shoot steel targets; some combination of 10″ circular steel, 12″ circular steel, and 18″ x 24″ rectangular steel plates, with one of the steel targets designated as the stop plate. Each stage consists of 5 strings, with the slowest string discarded.

You may use any firearm that is legal for use on close-range steel targets; this includes Rim fire Pistols, Rim fire Rifles, Center fire Pistols, Pistol Caliber Carbines, and Revolvers, with separate Open and Iron Sights divisions for each.

Rim fire and PCC shooters start from the Low-Ready position, and Center fire pistols start with wrists above shoulders. We also offer a Novice division where the shooter doesn’t draw from a holster.


Match Fee : $15 for the first entry for non-DGC club members, $10 for the first entry for DGC club members. Any additional entries are $5 each.

Registration: 9:00  – 9:45 am

Shooters meeting10:00 am


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